Partner with GalileoWills

We at GalileoWills are specialists in the drafting of Wills and administering of deceased estates. Our clients deal directly with attorneys and never with a call centre. Our professional standards, experience and reporting protocol ensure that the surviving family members are supported by a proficient and efficient team in those difficult times.


We partner with accountants and auditors on a fee share basis, where we share a percentage of the fees which we earn on the estate with the referring accountant or auditor. Your client will be assisted by an attorney through the GalileoWills platform, which is an easy-to-use automated Wills drafting system that has the capability to record who referred the client to us. If you are interested contact us to learn more about becoming a GalileoWills partner.


GalileoWills also has expertise in the administration of deceased estates. We can assist the winding up of the estates of your clients efficiently due to our national infrastructure and extensive experience.