Why Pay For a Will When I Can Get One For Free?

There are many websites that offer ‘do-it-yourself’ Will templates with instructions and there are many institutions which offer to draft a ‘free’ Will. Why then should you consider paying to have a Will drafted for you? 

Where your Will is drafted has an influence on who the executor of your estate will be, and it is important that you are comfortable with the executor appointed in your Will. Read more about the executor and the responsibilities in this article. Although some institutions offer the service of drafting a Will for free, they normally are appointed as the executor of your estate in the Will. This means that there is no initial fee for the drafting of the Will, but the fees earned as the executor is where the return is made. Further, it is the practice of some institutions to refer estates to a panel attorney should the estate not be the large enough to handle inhouse. Having an attorney draft the Will at a fee allows you to choose who the executor is. With GalileoWills the nominated executor is the group of attorneys at Galileo Advisory Services.

When it comes to the quality of your Will, there is also an advantage in consulting with an attorney which specialises in the drafting of Wills and the administration of deceased estates. The quality of the Will is a result of Will drafter’s experience and understanding of the relevant laws. Part of the fee you pay goes to the advice which is given at the level of expertise of that professional and the knowledge which they use to draft the will. Depending on the particular requirements of your estate there is greater or less merit in paying a large fee.

So why get a Will with GalileoWills? We have a combined experience of 50 years as attorneys in drafting Wills and fulfilling the function of executor. Our approach at Galileo is to work in consultation with the surviving family to understand their needs with the aim to wind up the estate as quickly as possible no matter the size. The Will which is created through GalileoWills has been drafted and reviewed by a number of Attorneys who specialise in Wills and Estates. We are confident in the quality of the Will produced through GalileoWills, the guidance which the articles give, and the services which we offer as an executor, which is why we charge a small fee.

Although it may seem easy to ‘DIY’ your Will or tempting to get a Will for ‘free’ keep in mind that there may be potential unwanted consequences either resulting from the lack of knowledge of the drafter of the Will or the fees which the executor will charge in relation to the estate. 

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